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... SEARCH MEDICATIONS: Chlorpheniramine / PrednisoLONE Oral Oil Suspension Chlorpheniramine / Theophylline Oral Oil Suspension Chlorpromazine Oral Solution Chlorpromazine Oral Suspension Cholestyramine Capsule Cholestyramine Oral Oil Suspension Chorambucil Tablet Chromium ...

Dipyrone for Veterinary Use

... five-day withdrawal period. Drug Interactions Dipyrone should not be used concurrently with chlorpromazine due to potentially serious hypothermia. Dipyrone should not be used in conjunction with ...


... adjuvant agents are available from Wedgewood Pharmacy. Calcium Aluminosilicate Cyproheptadine Metoclopramide Chlorhexidine Dexamethasone Prednisolone Chlorpromazine Diphenhydramine ...
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