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Wedgewood Pharmacy now compounds implantable carboplatin beads using Matrix III


Wedgewood Pharmacy now is compounding implantable carboplatin beads using patented Matrix III™ drug-delivery technology under an exclusive license with Royer Animal Health. Implanted locally, carboplatin beads may reduce the veterinarian’s exposure to the medication compared with the traditional injection.

Carboplatin beads compounded using the Matrix III drug-delivery technology are 4.6mg each and dispensed three beads per vial for $90. Each of the spherical beads is about 3mm in diameter.

Jodi Donohue, veterinary health product manager at Wedgewood Pharmacy, said: “After we started compounding implantable cisplatin beads, veterinarians requested carboplatin in the implantable bead dosage form, too. Using Royer’s proprietary drug delivery technology, we can offer veterinarians carboplatin in this alternative dosage form. And there may be less risk of office personnel being exposed to the carboplatin chemical when using implantable beads compared to the traditional injection. As a compounding pharmacy, we continuously look for solutions that help veterinarians meet the needs of their patients, and their staff.”


About Wedgewood Pharmacy

A compounding pharmacy creates customized medications for individual patients in response to a licensed practitioner’s prescription. Wedgewood Pharmacy is one of the largest compounding pharmacies in the United States, serving more than 20,000 prescribers of compounded medications. It is located in Swedesboro NJ and licensed throughout the United States.

About Royer Animal Health

Royer Animal Health, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royer Biomedical, Inc. Since 1997, Royer Biomedical has developed patented technologies that provide medical professionals with localized, controlled release of approved drugs over a broad range of time spans. Royer Biomedical has developed novel drug-delivery technology platforms offering significant advantages over other chemical matrix systems and techniques

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