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Strengths available: 7, ranging from 1 mg/ml to 20 mg/ml
Route: Oral
Strengths available: 4, ranging from 0.5 mg/cap to 10 mg/cap
Route: Oral
Strength available: 1 in 4 mg/chew
Route: Oral
Strengths available: 4, ranging from 40 mg/ml to 100 mg/ml
Route: Transdermal
Strength available: 1 in 0.5 mg/cap
Route: Oral

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Ketoconazole for Veterinary Use

... Interactions with Ketoconazole Other drugs can interact with ketoconazole, including cimetidine, antacids, methylprednisolone, cisapride, cyclosporine, theophylline, anticonvulsants, and heart medications. Ketoconazole ...

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... Diethylstilbestrol (DES) Pergolide *Fluoxetine Phenoxybenzamine Gabapentin Piroxicam Isoxsuprine HCl Prednisolone Methimazole Trilostane Methylprednisolone *Tylosin Metronidazole Ursodiol *Available in Bitter-Block Gourmeds. Gourmeds are ...

Gourmeds Tasty Chewable Tablets - Wedgewood Pet RX

... DES) Phenoxybenzamine Fluconazole Phenylbutazone *Fluoxetine Piroxicam Gabapentin Prednisolone Isoxsuprine HCl Theophylline Methimazole Trilostane Methylprednisolone * Tylosin Metronidazole Ursodiol Mexiletine *Available in Bitter-Available in BitterBlock Gourmeds ...
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