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Ceftazidime / Gentamicin: Otic Ointment

About Otic Ointment:

The dosage form available for Ceftazidime / Gentamicin is Otic Ointment. Wedgewood Pharmacy’s otics are formulated to maximize the contact time with the affected area. We specialize in custom formulations, including customized antibiotic, anti-fungal and steroid combinations.


1 strength combination of Ceftazidime / Gentamicin Otic Ointment is available.
  • Ceftazidime 5 %
  • Gentamicin (as Sulfate) 0.3 %

What our customers are saying

Wedgewood Pharmacy has been amazing to deal with. With the auto fill feature I never have to worry about running out of my fur babies medication.


I am impressed with customer service (which is a rare thing these days) autorefill also makes things easier for me. Thanks so much!


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Ceftazidime / Gentamicin Otic Ointment

Prescribed For: Dogs and Cats


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Ceftazidime / Gentamicin Otic Ointment

Prescribed For: Dogs and Cats

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